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Packaging Sections:

Here is the latest edition of the "Packaging & Design Display Listing." The display listing includes all of the audio cassette displays, video cassette displays, book displays, and software displays for which we currently have tooling. As we add additional displays to our line, we will update these pages.

Many of these displays are carried in inventory but some must be run to order. The displays in inventory will vary over time. If you know you will be needing a particular display, call us immediately. If a popular display is currently "out-of-stock," we can usually replenish our inventory within 5-7 days.

We will sell as few as 25 of any of the displays we have in our warehouse. Best of all, our prices are based upon the quantity of the item we put into our warehouse, not the quantity purchased. In most cases, this will be at least 1,000 displays. Thus, you can order as few as 25 displays and still get the 1,000 price.

Most of our stock displays come unprinted and white. For custom orders, we can print the displays. Many of our customers have us individualize their displays with 4 color process headers. We also stock plain, white headers for most of our displays. We even carry stock 4 color process headers for a few of our displays. (Our drawings do not show a header on every display but we have tooling to produce a header for every display). We even carry stock 4 color process headers for a few displays.

A few comments about how the "Packaging & Design Display Listing" is arranged. We have divided it into 8 separate sections so you can easily find out if we have the display you need. To use the listing, click on the product you need, look at the list for the quantity of product you want per display (e.g. 20 CDs/Display or 168 CDs/Display) , then go to the appropriate drawing. If a display may be used for more than one product, that display will be shown under both products. For example, one display will hold either 10 CDs or 12 Audio Cassettes. This display is called a "10 Count CD" display in the CD section and a "12 Count Audio Cassette" display in the Audio Cassette section. We have tried to make this listing simple to use and welcome any suggestions on ways we can improve it.

All of our sections were originally arranged numerically, from the displays that will hold the smallest number of a product to the displays that will hold the largest number of that product. As we have continued to add displays, however, sometimes we can't logically number a display in the place where we would normally put it. In that case, we will just put the display at the end of the section.

The first section lists our VIDEO CASSETTE displays, followed by our CD displays, then our AUDIO CASSETTE displays. Following these sections are our COMBINATION Displays. The displays are designed to hold 2 or more types of audio/video/book/software products. It may be videos and audio cassettes, CD's and audio cassettes, etc.  This is followed by our MISCELLANEOUS and DVD displays section. The MISCELLANEOUS and DVD section includes displays that don't quite fit into any of the other sections and our DVD displays. This section includes displays like speed tables, contest entry boxes, software displays, acrylic displays, literature holders, and our DVD displays.

BOOK displays are next, followed by our PROPOSED Displays.  PROPOSED Displays are designs for a product or project that were never purchased. We have included them in the "Packaging & Design Display Book" because we feel the designs may be of value to someone else (like you).

Use the Packaging & Design display listings to stimulate your imagination. It is a proven fact that displays sell product. On average, displays increase sales of almost any product by at least 100%. Use these displays to increase the sales (and profitability) of your product.  We will help you in any way we can.

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